Ten Signs of Spring on the North Fork

May, 2023

Mamas and babies heading out to the pasture at 8 Hands.
Want to buy a used car? Just take a drive along Sound Avenue or Main Road, especially in the spring.
  1.  Piping plover nesting areas on the beaches have been roped off.  Don’t disturb their nests!
  2. Bud break in the vineyards cloaks the vines with fresh green leaves.
  3. Farm stands are re-opening, featuring asparagus, spinach, and leeks.
  4. Some stores and restaurants which had closed for the winter are open, or have “opening soon” signs up.
  5. Briermere is open.  Time for pie!
  6. The world’s longest used car, truck, boat, RV, and farm vehicle lot is open.  I’m referring to the vehicles you see parked mostly along Sound Avenue or Main Road, decorated with “For Sale” signs. Once, while riding my bike along Sound, I observed a teenaged boy and his father driving from one car for sale to another, getting out, and peering through the windows.
  7. Cherry blossom time in Greenport has come and gone.
  8. The few wineries which had closed for the winter are opening up, and some which had limited open days are back to being open every day.
  9. The gardening companies and sprinkler installers are out and about, and the buzz of power mowers fills the air.
  10. Baby goats and sheep can be seen in the fields, especially at Catapano’s and 8 Hands.
Bud break has happened!

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